Portable Linen Bankers Box – Good for Evacuation

Since we never know when we’ll need to evacuate from our homes due to floods, fires, earthquakes, etc., it’s a good idea to have all our important documents and a stash of cash ready to go in minutes.

Here’s what we recommend – a portable file box. It’s foldable and has a linen-look. It also folds flat and can live next to where all your official documents are stored (if you have a metal file cabinet or safe you store them in at home). This way, when you need to evacuate, it takes less than a minute to assemble, has built-in handles, and a sturdy lid. Boom!

These are not expensive. You can order these online, purchase them from office supply stores, or big box stores. They come in a variety of colors, so can easily match your décor.

File Folders

Are piles of papers cluttering your desk or kitchen table? Can’t find bills you need to pay?

Maybe it’s time to create an easy-to-use system. Nothing fancy, just buy some manila envelopes (or get colored ones for extra pop) and a wire rack. I recommend a rack that holds folders upright so you can see the tabs.

First folder, label it “bills to be paid”. Next one, “receipts/orders”. Credit card receipts and online orders you’ve printed receipts for, go in this folder. Last one, mark “pending”, for anything long term that is still pending and doesn’t make sense to put in the bills or receipts folders.

Now you can start filing. When you’re finished, put the folders in the rack and set it on your desk. Some people put the rack behind a cabinet/pantry door. I recommend that you put it close to where you process your mail. Then it’s a quick file after you know you need to act on it. Other papers (think junk mail), directly in to recycle bin! Congrats, you’re done!

Mail – the old-fashioned kind

When you get your mail, do you toss it onto your kitchen table? Your counter? You’re not alone.

Hack – take 2 minutes to go through it…YEP…before you toss it down. Be ruthless and intent on tossing junk mail. Separate flyers from sealed envelopes. Quick-toss junk mail to recycle bin. Put bills where you’ll pay them (maybe a folder?) – DONE!

What’s your current system? Does it work? What drives you nuts about snail mail? Let me know on the contact page