Let’s Get Organized Now

You’ve been overwhelmed by clutter for too long —
it’s time for a little support!

You’re tired of the pile of clothes on your closet shelf and never having time to go through them – do they even fit?

You want a clean kitchen counter so you can quickly fix dinner – but it seems to be a magnet for paper & kids projects!

Don’t worry — I get it! My name is Tami Toomire and a few years back, after I got home from work one day, I was overwhelmed by papers covering my desk. So, I decided right then and there that it was time to get rid of those piles and take back my space! I tackled those stacks early Saturday morning.

I did a little Google search for paper filing and came up with a system that works well for me. It’s nothing fancy but it’s logical —and it works. Now it’s super easy to keep my papers organized and they can quickly be found.

After I finished organizing my papers, I went on to organize my pantry and my entire home—top to bottom. I won’t lie — it was a ton of work.

Our home feels amazing now, and all our things have a “home” where they belong when they’re not being used.

Don’t get the wrong idea…my house is NOT perfect!

But it no longer feels chaotic. Now I can relax and enjoy my evenings.

Are you ready to feel this way?